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Dueling Car Corps

An interesting juxtaposition creating a needed response and message, car culture aside.

A: Cadillac made this gag/vomit worthy ad:

B: Ford had a pretty great response!

C: Who will step up to address the assumed need for cars, and inherent car culture of both ads? 





Pueblo Food Experience

The video really speaks for itself, but here is a writeup that can be found on the videos page providing a little bit of important background:

“The process of assimilation of Native Americans by the outside world, which started centuries ago, continues to this day. One aspect of this continued assimilation is the change in traditional diets. As a result, our health has suffered greatly. Diabetes, cancer, kidney and liver failure, hormonal imbalances, inflammation, allergies, obesity, alcohol and drug addictions are but a few of the symptoms of living in this modern time. One can blame some of this on the environment and life styles, but much these symptoms come from what we put in our mouths. Native peoples are particularly susceptible to diabetes because of their inability to process refined sugar and carbohydrates. Over-processed and packages foods have become the normal diet. These foods contains high levels of sugar and ingredients that are heavily sprayed with chemicals, bleached, and genetically modified (GMO) which side effects are still being learned. These food products are harming to all people, but the Native populations are being hit the hardest because we were not used to eating European foods. Our bodies have not had the long evolutionary time to adjust and are suffering greatly because of it.

Flowering Tree Permaculture Institute put together a program in an attempt to address some of these health issues. A group of Native volunteers agreed to eat only their native foods for a determined period of time. Their health conditions were monitored. Improvement of their overall health was achieved while encouraging cultural preservation. The results will be used to show how eating this way might improve health. Recipes and food sources are being collected in order to share with others that might want to eat this way also.


Loosely Following in the Paleo Theme: How To Peel A Banana Like A Monkey


Debunking the Paleo Diet

Christina Warinner dropping wisdom about the paleo trend.

This is just the thing I have been looking for as I study ideas in truly healthy lifestyles. I’m coming to this whole paleo thing late in the game and strongly opinionated. There is much about it that makes sense, and Christina goes over many points that can be taken from our ancestors’ diets and lifestyles.

4 take away points from this video:
  • Christina Warinner doesn’t just debunk, but offers her view on real Paleolithic diet(s)
  • She doesn’t just critique the paleo diet, but tears into the modern diet as well
  • She offers a way forward that is inclusive of as many facts as possible
  • Great point in the critique of Paleo marketing
What I think she does that’s not totally honest is misrepresent the modern ideas of the popular Paleolithic diet. I don’t think it’s proponents would much disagree with many of her points from what I have learned up to now. I wonder what you think of this information, and if you know of other science based info on diet and healthy living that you would recommend.

Fast or Slow, Which is Healthier?