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Anger Management

When a large corporation lies to you, steals your money, stonewalls, lies some more, and burns up hours upon hours of your time, the FTC can be a great anger management tool.


Work Hard




A cartoonist’s advice

A cartoonist’s advice

Earth Prayer

Earth Prayer

I clipped this out of the paper several years ago. It use to ride with me in my old truck, clipped to the sun-visor. It really resonated with me then. I came across it while cleaning today. Still relevant, and still resonates.

The notion of seven generations has come up several times in that last week. What does that mean? Seven Generations. This week a colleague of mine referred to the work his organization does as considering seven generations into the future (and more). In another instance someone was talking about it on the radio and asked, “What are you working for? Who’s empire are you building?”

What does it really mean, and does anyone really do it?

Power of Policy

From Kools to Cancer Sticks: how policies change norms and improve health