Debunking the Paleo Diet

Christina Warinner dropping wisdom about the paleo trend.

This is just the thing I have been looking for as I study ideas in truly healthy lifestyles. I’m coming to this whole paleo thing late in the game and strongly opinionated. There is much about it that makes sense, and Christina goes over many points that can be taken from our ancestors’ diets and lifestyles.

4 take away points from this video:
  • Christina Warinner doesn’t just debunk, but offers her view on real Paleolithic diet(s)
  • She doesn’t just critique the paleo diet, but tears into the modern diet as well
  • She offers a way forward that is inclusive of as many facts as possible
  • Great point in the critique of Paleo marketing
What I think she does that’s not totally honest is misrepresent the modern ideas of the popular Paleolithic diet. I don’t think it’s proponents would much disagree with many of her points from what I have learned up to now. I wonder what you think of this information, and if you know of other science based info on diet and healthy living that you would recommend.

4 thoughts on “Debunking the Paleo Diet”

    1. Glad you liked it! I think its a great intro and resource for folks interested in this sort of thing. I stumbled across it by searching scientific paleo diet. I am always curious about the actual science and nutrition behind the diets that catch my attention. I loved the social critique as well. And I like the nugget that you pulled and blogged: on the evolution/hybridization of many of our foods.

      You keep a great looking blog. I maintain several social media pages where some of your posts would fit nicely. Do you mind my sharing? Thanks for stopping by and commenting!


      1. Thank you 🙂 Feel free to share the love 🙂
        I love knowing the reason behind diets, exercise myths, food choices etc and my most common question is; why?
        Keep up the great work 🙂


  1. I find her a little contradictory and generalistic about the Paleo diet books because they are only guides. She does present some interesting and helpful view points though. While she appears to know a lot about the Paleo period, the actual proof is with those who go on relatively highish protein diets today. Might i say highish fat too with lots of vegetables. When you look at the YouTube interview with Mary Vernon called “Low Carb Explained” the proof of her success with patients is un-deniable and it simply points to the obsessive nature of eating our own farmed grain food and sugar drinks as the problem. Needless to say, very high protein was only really perpetuated by Atkins in short periods to improve metabolic health for overweight people. It was somewhat accidental too because it seemed to help diabetics and high cholesterol people as well. However, the main advocates of the Primal and Paleo diets do not go on about eating loads of protein anymore than they do about eating loads of vegetables and salads. Their words are about “balance” using natural foods. They simply use the terms Paleo and Primal as a means to brand the dietary ideas. They are guides, nothing more and should be treated this way. There are many obsessive people out there turning these “diet guides” into obsessive routines for their lives. What i take from Paleo and Primal is this; if it runs or grows in the ground, eat lots of it – if we make it, eat a lot less of it. Even Mark Sisson eats a little chocolate and drinks wine. He found a balance, much like i have with similar food. Everyone will be mildly different because of tastes and allergies. It’s the obsessive people who push the boundaries on the terminology and ruin these dietary concepts. This lady isn’t one of them of though.


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