Thimerosal and 2010-2011 Seasonal Flu Vaccines

I received the Thimerosal and 2010-2011 Seasonal Flu Vaccines, and had a strange reaction. I received the “mist” this last Monday, October 25th and am just now feeling better on Wednesday. Why don’t they warn  people that they will possibly get sick for a few days?

Almost immediately after the “mist” I got dizzy, light headed and needed to sit for a few minutes. Once I was able, I returned to the people giving the vaccines to let them know about my reactions. They were not very open to the idea that what I was experiencing was a valid reaction to their immunization, they didn’t want to hear about it. They said I must have panicked or hyperventilated. I was dizzy, light headed, hot to the touch and sick feeling. My sinuses were foggy feeling, I  couldn’t focus.

I thought it strange to deny my reaction and not note it some where. They are scientists of some sort aren’t they? Or do they only collect data that supports their hypothesis? They told me that I must have hyperventilated or something.

I have been on earth long enough to know what hyperventilating is. I explained the whole sequence of events, which did include labored breathing while on my way back to inform them of my reactions. She said, “see, you must have hyperventilated, just sit down here until you catch your breath.”

I am already suspicious of vaccinations, this experience only confirms my suspicions, and freaks me out about those who administer the vaccinations. I never signed a release of liability.  I will never get another immunization until I understand every risk and am assured that I will be covered for any further treatment that may be caused by their “immunization.”

I talked to a nursing student friend who said that if I survived past 1/2 hour that I was in the clear, but watch out next time I get that vaccine, because it tends to get you worse the second time around, this could have been an allergic reaction.

Yeah, of all people to have an ill reaction. I knew better. Well now I know not to do that again, and that I have an allergic reaction to it. I can’t be browbeaten about not getting vaccinated. I definitely feel sick still, just not as severe as earlier. Pretty Stupid.

Three days latter, my joints are achy and stiff. I have the Creepy Crawly skin. I was fine before this “immunization.”


The information here at the Vaccine Safety Monitoring Systems for 2010-2011 Influenza Season web page is exactly the reason I figured that those administering the vaccines would want to record my reactions to the “mist.”

What is CDC doing to ensure the safety of influenza vaccines used in the United States?

Every year, CDC works closely with FDA, health care providers, state and local health departments, and other partners to ensure the highest safety standards for flu vaccines. CDC and FDA both share responsibility for monitoring the safety of vaccines and ensuring systems are in place to promptly detect unexpected health problems following vaccination.

At CDC, the Immunization Safety Office (ISO) leads most of the agency’s vaccine safety research and monitoring activities.

Over the past 50 years, flu vaccines have been shown to be safe.


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