Signing Savvy

About Signing Savvy

Signing Savvy is your complete sign language resource.

  • Signing Savvy contains high resolution videos of American Sign Language (ASL) signs and common other signs used in conversational signing within the United States and Canada.
  • Our constantly expanding dictionary has videos of signs for more than 5000 words and phrases!
  • Any word not contained in the dictionary can be fingerspelled.
  • You may search for a sign or browse several precompiled word lists of signs!
  • Sign descriptions and memory aids complement the video to give you a thorough understanding of the signs and aid in learning.
  • Print signs for later viewing away from your computer and to use as flash cards.
  • You have the ability to customize what still images to use in your print outs. That is, you can select what you believe to be the key parts of a sign will help you remember the sign.
  • Build your own word lists and share them with other members.
  • Translate complete phrases into sign with the ability to customize the translation to best fit your needs.
  • And more . . .


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