PBwiki, the world’s largest community of educational wikis.

I found another interesting way to use the Cyberian realms in the services of learning that makes sense to me. I say makes sense to me because I have found and have had to use some that don’t work, more of which I will post later.

I came across this resource while searching for “graphic learning math” where I found this site http://internettime.pbwiki.com/gallery+at+l6

PBwiki for Classrooms


PBwiki hosts more classroom wikis than anyone else in the world, and lets you create a simple, secure wiki in about 60 seconds. Wikis drive engagement and collaboration. A wiki is a live, evolving document – but gives you user tracking and access controls to monitor your wiki at all times.

You can make your wiki public or private or anywhere in between. No matter what, PBwiki keeps your students’ information safe.

Key features include:

  • Multimedia plugins: Embed video & audio with a few clicks
  • Tags, RSS, and full page revisions
  • Student accountability: See who changed what, and automatically reverse any changes
  • Access controls (Premium feature)

Why PBwiki?

  • A safe, secure place to collaborate. PBwiki lets you monitor changes to your wiki by email and RSS – and reverse any changes instantly. See our special security features for educators.
  • Keep students engaged outside of the classroom. As Karen Nelson, an educator from Vacaville, California, told us, “Today I got an email from a student asking for the password so he could add content. An hour later I got the wiki notification that the page had been edited by that student. This student has not completed one assignment outside of class yet this year. How great is that!!”

Are you a school district or large educational institution?

For school districts and institution-wide deployments, please click to get special information on deploying PBwiki in large-scale educational environments.

Create a free PBwiki

Free setup in 60 seconds. Join the world’s largest community of educational wikis. Sign up now.


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