what you can do and what is easy for you

Make Your Fitness Plan Work for You


I have been thinking alot about what I wrote about in my last post – namely ones fitness schedule and it fitting into our life in general.

When one tries to gain a new dicipline, often there will be bumps in the road that will do their utmost (or so it seems) to derail your good intentions.

Dieting and fitness are just the kind of disiplines that would be most suseptable to this kind of misshap.

Not being in the mood, or being in a bad\good\overwhelmed\overjoyed mood can all influence your willl to stick to your schedule.

Also, if your days are less structured it is harder to fit in a “usual” time to keep to you relsolution, and before you know it, its bed time and you missed another sesion.

apparently I am not the only one with this on my mind. Heather long also wrote a really helpful post about this which I recomend reading in full. she sums up her thoughts with one important paragraph which I quote:

he important part about making fitness a lifestyle choice and making it easy for you is so that you will keep doing it. All the experts in the world can tell you what they do and I can tell you what I do, but what you need to know is what you can do and what is easy for you to maintain that level of fitness.

I cant think of any better advice than that!


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