Eight Circuit Brain

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CIRCUIT Adapted from Prometheus Rising by Robert Anton Wilson

50% of the human race has not evolved fully into the third circuit yet.

That is, although they can exchange primitive signals and handle primitive artifacts, they are still mostly operating on the mammalian emotional circuit and the pre-mammalian bio-survival circuit.

20% are “responsible, intelligent adults” with fully developed third and fourth circuits.

They spend most of their time worrying, because the predominantly primate parameters of human society seem absurd, immoral and increasingly dangerous to them.


The place “souls” go after leaving their robot bodies…while these bodies are still alive and walking the planet’s surface. Also known as “The Dark Night of the Soul.” Can also be seen as a negative activation of the “neurosomatic circuit,” which is endured for as long as it takes the neophyte to effect a positive activation, or permanent body rapture. Ref.

20% are neurosomatic adepts.

Fourth-circuit Moralists denounce them as “mystics,” “space cases,” “nuts,” “the Me generation,” “irresponsible hedonists,” etc.

5% have mastered the metaprogramming circuit.

They make up what Gurdjieff called “the Conscious Circle of humanity.” They are Free Masons, in the original meaning of that debased term: co-creators of future realities.

3% have neurogenetic consciousness.

They function as Evolutionary Agents—servants of the Life Force, in Shaw’s terminology. Their “God” is Pan (life), and their goal is immortality.

2% are neuro-quantum adepts.

Beyond space-time categories entirely.

All these estimates are approximations.

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One thought on “Eight Circuit Brain”

  1. Here’s a hypothesis: if all over the world, human beings were ecosomatically sophisticated, that is, trained in awareness of the bodymind and its relationship to the environment, and had basic skills for using that awareness to deepen their experience of life, spiritual impression, their daily activities, and relationships;

    then human beings would be more self-contained, more able to heal and nurture and deal with themselves, and less driven by neurosis to materialism and other destructive graspings;

    which would result in creative and sustainable cultures.


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