Addicted to Modern Civilization and Technology?

Here is a support group, just started, to discuss our feelings and experiences, as well as to share healthy coping strategies for regaining a more balanced and connected life.

The reason that I began this group is because I have been hearing a
need for it in my day to day life. People in my day to day real life
as well as online have shared feelings and experiences that suggest
such group as this would be valuable to many people.

There are several uses that I can see for this group. As a place to
share our experiences and feelings about how enmeshed we might be in
technological dependence and how completely plugged in to modern
civilization seem to be.

In sharing our experiences and feelings, we can offer suggestions on
how we might disengage from this situation and make stronger
connections to the natural environment.

We can share articles and other information that is related to our
recovery and healthy, vital lives.

Also, it would be good to explore what “modern civilization” and “over
dependence on technology” means to each one of us. What would a life
free of these things look like? What does our ideal life and world
look like? Can we achieve these ideals? How?


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