Indian Club Swinging Presentation

Indian Club Swinging Power point Via Google docs.

I am posting this as an experiment in the continued effort to utalize Cyberian resources for learning, sharing and collaborating on projects. Stay tuned!

<If you don’t see the Google Mini Presentation Module with the document displayed, read why in the comments.>


4 thoughts on “Indian Club Swinging Presentation”

  1. Do you see the presentation above? I tried pasting the code in the two modes that are provided and neither seem to work.

    Here is what google says:

    Mini Presentation Module:
    You can post your published presentation online for others to browse (see demo on right). Copy and paste the code below to your clipboard and paste it into the html of any website or blog.

    Here is the code they provide:

    Maybe wordpress doesn’t support this for some reason, but if so why does google say, “paste it into the html of any website or blog” if it doesn’t work on any blog?

    I see it doesn’t say that it will work, just that you can paste the code into the html if you are so inclined. Thing is that I only paste code into html so that it does something.

    Well at any rate, the presentation should be viewable at this link

    Maybe one day all these things will mesh or I will figure out what I did wrong, which ever comes first.


  2. Well one problem that I am noticing is that wordpress is erasing the code I paste, both in the post and in the comments. Do you see the code there where I wrote, “Here is the code they provide:”?

    That could pose some difficulties, don’t you think?


  3. Ok, I think it is wordpress that is buggering up the google docs.
    I got it to the point where I can see the embedded google doc until I save the post edit. I posted the code from the plain text clipboard which then showed the Mini Presentation Module with the presentation in it. Then hit save and it gets erased.

    That is how that goes, see the results in the above post.


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