Exercises in Ambidexterity

These pen and ink sketches are drawn using both hands simultaneously. I have always been into ambidextrous exercises and ways of developing and using my whole brain. This kind of exercise can serve many purposes, the most obvious one is getting both sides of the brain fired up and connected. Another obvious use I noticed while drawing these is as a divinatory or/and automatic drawing method. Beginning with no plan or idea as to what I would draw, I focus on a specific topic, I begin to notice the drawing suggesting a very relevant message that pertains to what I am focusing on. If I am not focusing on anything, the drawing soon leads me to a focus that is significant for the moment. As I continue to draw this way I notice the drawings getting less scary and disturbing, perhaps some things are getting worked out through this process.

Aside from the therapeutic, free association quality this process has, I have used this ambidextrous method to come up with some great designs to elaborate on and change in more conventional medium and styles. I wonder what other ideas you might think of where this process could be of help.

Ambi series 20


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