Freedom! Lakota Sioux Indians Declare Sovereign Nation Status

Happy New Year a little early!

Look at what I found today! Can it be true? I strongly recommend checking out the original site!

Here is a summary from


Morgan Maher

Breakaway In an apparently legal move, the Lakota Nation is unilaterally withdrawing from treaties signed with the United States of America and creating their own country.

Native American rights activist Russel Means said “the new country would issue its own passports and driving licences, and living there would be tax-free — provided residents renounce their US citizenship.”

The journey towards independance has been in the works for 33 years, a response to rampant oppression, lower life spans, high infant mortality rates and high suicide rates experienced as a result of US violation of treaties.

Anyone living in the five-state area that encompasses Lakota territory is free to join.

Lakota Freedom website

Story Suggested by Robb Ebright and Thom Lloyd-Evans

Painting of Lakota storyteller (Public Domain)


2 thoughts on “Freedom! Lakota Sioux Indians Declare Sovereign Nation Status”

  1. Those involved are declaring themselves. It is certainly legal for them to do so. But does it have any legal impact? As best as I can determine, it does not because it appears the effort does not have the support of any Native American nations with functioning governments. The group Lakota Freedom has never been a party to any of the treaties in question so their statement of withdrawal would appear to have no legal implications.


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