Politicians ain’t Clowns, their Yo Yo’s

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Wed, June 22, 2005 – 11:00 PM

by Brino Ism

I don’t understand this pre-occupation humans have with violence or war. I don’t get why people want to hurt others. I see why it’s done but these desires of domination don’t live in me. I don’t want millions of dollars or a big SUV that looks like a trash dumpster. I don’t want to convert anyone, make anyone pledge to anything, bomb innocent children. I don’t want to tell people what choice they are supposed to make. I’m not interested in taking over the world or running a country.

I want to make people laugh. What? In these hard times? And I say yes. I want to go to the White House and put the administration on a strict improv comedy diet.
Everyone needs to laugh daily. I mean it’s as important as breathing. If you watch children, they laugh 7 times more than adults on any given day. Laughter is great exercise for the diaphragm as well as relaxing the stomach muscles. Paul E. Mcghee, PHD a known authority on humor therapy, states; “Your sense of humor not only enriches life; it also promotes physical, mental and spiritual health.”

If we as adults learn to promote a more relaxing and fun lifestyle for ourselves we will begin to play friendly on the playground of the world. Let’s face it, if we (US) continue to be the bullies in this world, we will surly meet the bigger kid one day. All bullies fall. History has shown that time and time again. I am here to tell you (as a man of 49; wears funny clothes and acts like a child) that life is better if you remain a little more youthful and approach every day as a reason to spread joy. My buddy, Patch Adams MD states in his book Gesundheit; “The most revolutionary act you can commit in today’s society is to be publicly funny.” I know that some may think this to be a foolish approach, but I say give it a try. Send a clown to help these little bullies of the world find the child inside they lost so long ago.
I’ve heard people calling politicians, clowns. Great statesmen have made reference in this way. It has become vogue to use this as a cheap shot toward our elected officials. If you consider the reputations politicians have, I’d say that’s a slam on the clown.
Let me ask you a question; “Would you send a politician to your child’s birthday party?”…’ I rest my case.
I think we should refer to politicians as a Yo- Yo. If you look up the word in the dictionary the first definition is the obvious toy, but the second one states; 2) one regarded as stupid, inept, etc. 3) to move up and down; fluctuate.
As you can see it is a natural fit for politicians. They definitely fluctuate and talk about back and forth, up and down. The fact that yo-yo’s are tied to a string make for better joke scenarios. The best part about this new reference is, the yo-yo’s won’t be insulted.
So I say call you elected officials Yo-Yo’s
If your are still inclined to slander these “rosed nosed pranksters” then I have two suggestions:

1) Elect me as a public servant and you would truly have a political clown.
2) Teach the world leaders how to be funny and wear a red nose.
This could be accomplished is a reasonable length of time with my “Improv your Health” workshop. Our leaders might take a little longer due to their collective collateral damage. I would be willing to try, but can offer no guarantees.

Either of these methods would work. I would rather use method number two, because I personally find running countries to be rather boring. The point is: if our leaders, and I mean all elected officials, were made to take some basic improv exercises, they would be able to react in a totally new way. Learning to play with others in a constructive and pro-social manner is really good for a stressed out leader of a country. Now, I’m not talking about a class for just our elected officials. I think this would work better if all the countries in the UN would participate also. This will make for a brighter world and you can just imagine what great skits our world leaders could come up with.
I would be more interested and have a better time clowning for a happy well-informed people. I am interested in living with all people as a peaceful society, not a war riddled world where children are crying and starving. Is there anything wrong with this proposal? Lots of grassroots organizations have tried petitions, rallies, human shields and the war drums continue. And well you know what they’ve always said at times like these, “Send in the clowns.”
Wake up, America. It is time to turn off corporate television propaganda and join the rest of the world who are trying to retain a safe and sustainable society. We are not the problem we are the solutions. (I don’t just mean the clowns. I mean all people working for social justice). But “solution” is an action word or a verb. It means you have to get out there and do something. That is how you be a part of the solution. (Complaining doesn’t count) For me it’s street clowning, impromptu ad-lib or political skits. I want to be a part of the celebration of the Global Community festival for living a life of joy. A force of positive, loving change or transformation.

If you look at history, it was the responsibility of a clown to mirror back to the people what they saw about society and the issues they were facing. To show them, in a humorous way, what they are doing to each other. There are a lot of things going on in the world today that are not funny by any stretch of the imagination. Sometimes it’s hard for me to laugh at the decisions “adults” have made. I try to find satire in everyday life that reflects our need to recycle, disarm, or create community.
The current administration, makes an easy target. They have always stumbled through seemingly untouched by the public at large.
I could say something funny like, “Throw pies, not lies” but the elite are ripping you and me off daily and the media won’t even report the truth. (Failing Economy, unemployment, drastic state budget cuts)
It would be funny to say, “ The only thing you should ever blow up is…’ balloons!” But in fact there are enough weapons of mass destruction between Russia and America alone, to blow up the world 36 times. Not to mention a military budget of 400 billion and growing. But even if I went to the United Nations and told them, “Act Locally, Act Globally, Act Silly.” Do you think these world leaders would volunteer the break up of a monetary system that is designed for the few (them 5%) to have the most and the many (us 95%) to have so little?
Since the Patriot Act was passed by Congress (First bill ever in history to be passed without floor debate or committee) people (American Citizens) have been detained, threatened and even arrested without due process. Stripped of their rights, under the now void Constitution of the United States. Citizens can expect a future where they are held captive because they are different or diverse. I used to think no body would hit a clown, but these days, even the jolliest fellow is subject to ill tempers. Or worst yet, a clown being hauled in for questioning because he played the fool on the hill.

At one time we were regarded as the finest country in the world. The rest of the world depended on us, respected us. In recent years our Government has traded diplomacy for debauchery. Driven by a greed, wealth and power, these “leaders” are taking the planet by force. It’s not funny. It makes my job harder when there is pain everywhere. There’s not enough humor to go around. I need more people to exercise laughter and encourage joy daily. Taking time to laugh with others is necessary if we are going to continue to get along as a species. (You can’t bite when your laughing)
I will continue to try and make people laugh. I will select my material from the bullies and warmongers because I am their opposite. I am the other side they refuse to allow out..
As we face these new challenges, it’s important to create joy and happiness. We are leading a movement that is important and very necessary. We have a way to go before we will see a world that is filled with love. But in the present I say “Dress up Show up and Laugh for Peace”.
It is OK to take time to enjoy the day, to do something fun and outrageous with your family or friends. Have a potluck dinner in your neighborhood and invite the person next to you in the grocery line. Start a weekly bike ride for the folks in your community to meander through the neighborhoods. Getting to know each other better is good
Do you get the idea? There’s a lot of work for us to do in order to keep ourselves happy well adjusted, sovereign citizens
Along the way it’s best if you take time to smell the noses!
So the next time you start to call a politician a clown, don’t…’ Vote for Me!

Brino Ism
Founder of World Peace Clowns


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