DIY Chaos Training with a Couple Balls and Some Rope

Chaos Training

by Rocannon 

My training partner Tara joined me this morning nice and early. I decided we would do what I call Chaos Training. By using many different types of training in one brief (50 min.) Primal Playout I get my body raging with fresh energy from the bones outward. Today’s play included Power Ropes, medicine balls, kettlebells, Woody sandbags and stretch bands.

We kept moving between play stations with no more than a 10 second break between any individual move. After each complete circuit of the equipment I would ramp it up a bit by selecting a more challenging set of moves for the next circuit. In a matter of minutes the sweat was pouring, the smiles were exploding, and we both were laughing out loud as we swung the KBs, waved the ropes, slammed the bags, kicked the balls, and pulled the bands. It was non-stop fun from minute one.

With all the variation (chaos) my nervous, myofascial, and proprioceptive systems never had a chance of knowing what was coming next. The difference in how I feel now when I do Primal Moves compared to 20 years ago when I worked out in a gym is the difference between dreaming of having a girlfriend when I was 12 and having a life-companion at 57. There really is no comparison.

As we re-packed all the gear we were discussing how much more alive and vital we feel after these kinds of movement times. It really takes no discipline to do them everyday. They are so much fun, so creative, and so completely engaging that it would be harder not to do them than do them.

Be sure that your daily movement practice draws you in the same way. Don’t waste time trying to do something because it is good for you, but you hate it. Find some kind of movement that you WANT TO Do and do that every day. Celebrate it. Explore it. Expand it. Integrate it into your life.

To loosen up this afternoon we took a movement snack doing horizontal pullups with our feet on a Swiss ball. After a couple of rounds we shifted to one-leg medicine ball throws with a 15 lb ball. I finished the snack with High Swings with a kettlebell. Yummy. I feel refreshed. I feel satisfied. I feel good. Remember that movement snack doesn’t have to take long. Ten or fifteen minutes is plenty of time for a re-charge. Play in the chaos whenever you can.


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