FDA Regulators Using Legal Trickery to Jeopardize Alternative Procedures and


FDA Regulators Using Legal Trickery to Jeopardize Alternative Procedures and

The FDA has been known to use legal maneuvering to try to end your access to natural health products (like vitamins, minerals and herbs) and natural health therapies of all sorts. We believe they are at it again. This time, their ploy is to issue a “Guidance” that implies these therapies can be “Medicine,” which
creates the risk that any non-physician who uses them could be held to be practicing medicine without a license. Since these practices could be considered “Medicine” any products intended for such use could be considered untested drugs and could therefore be forbidden.

Your Comments are Vitally Important

Public, professional and industry comments are being accepted by the FDA on the proposal, that we view as a sly maneuver to “capture” alternative procedures and products as “medicine” and then make them illegal. The history of these repressive attacks by the FDA makes it clear that public outcry, IN HUGE NUMBERS, is the only effective tool that natural health supporters have to change this potentially disastrous outcome. Comments will be accepted until April 30. By contacting everyone you can reach to ask for their participation in this comment campaign, we can kill this assault on personal health freedom.


While we do not expect our alternatives to be taken away from us immediately, we know it is easier to stop or change a bad guidance before it is finalized, rather than ever getting it repealed afterwards. FDA has given us an opportunity to let them know we want them to respect our right to choose the type of therapies we want for ourselves, including alternatives to pharmaceutical treatments.




Please send the link (http://www.democracyinaction.org/dia/organizationsORG/healthfreedomusa/campaign.jsp?campaign_KEY=7185) to this page to everyone you can reach with a brief explanation of the issues. Urge everyone in your personal and professional circles of influence to protect their health freedom — their personal right to make their own health choices.




It is important to take a moment to email the manufacturers of the health care products you take an ask them to alert their suppliers and customer base to protect their businesses. Your natural health care providers need to alert their patients and colleagues, too.



Thanks for your activism!

Rima E. Laibow, MD

Medical Director

Natural Solutions Foundation



One thought on “FDA Regulators Using Legal Trickery to Jeopardize Alternative Procedures and”

  1. Please don’t allow the FDA to hijack the public’s right to use
    natural medicine if they wish to use it. The FDA seems to have
    no compunction in attacking Alternative Medicine, and is glutonous
    in their desire to cash in on the Supplement market. Shame on
    them for acting only in their own financial best interests! In
    my opinion, they are suppressing vital medical knowledge across
    the board, and controlling doctors and hospitals to prevent them
    from using innovative and revolutionary cures available in the
    rest of the world. Quit protecting Big Pharma at the expense of
    the American people!


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