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When we consider the state of the modern human body, we see a public health catastrophe in progress. Not only are we overweight, we’re suffering from a host of highly-preventable disorders, many of which can be traced directly to inactivity and sedentary living. Clearly, our current approach to physical fitness just isn’t working. We need a new orientation.

GoAnimal is an innovative approach to health and physical conditioning. The idea is that physical training needs to meet a few simple conditions: it’s got to have some relevance to human origins, it’s got to speak to the functional performance of the human body and it’s got to be fun. In other words, we need a paradigm for exercise and fitness that’s primal, practical and playful.

As you’ll discover, these three principles fit together in a complementary fashion. Each reinforces the other to form a complete, integrated approach to physical fitness and living. By studying these perspectives, you’ll be able to create a personal fitness program that is both satisfying and sustainable. In the process, you’ll gain a fresh enthusiasm for movement and your body.

The core principles of the GoAnimal philosophy are described in the section ideas. You’ll find essays on our physical predicament, the philosophy of exercise, evolutionary perspectives, movement education and integration. You can also find functional exercises and fitness games that you can try out on your own.


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Home > Panorama


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