ambidextrous roman

I KEEP THE LIGHTS ON IN BOTH HEMISPHERES all the time. I create ambidextrous art using both hands simultaneously.
My art has a mandala feel and I would consider it psychedelic, though I dont draw mushrooms. Please feel free to check out my art that is posted on the ambidextrous art tribe , watch my vdeo on youtube with this link
any responses are appreciated:) I create with alot of energy and angst. I am clearly dissapointed with the dimension our religious hippocrates have created in this rotating solar prison. I listen to alot of SkinnyPuppy for inspiration. I also am inspired by the following bands & folks; Cruxshadows, DieForm, genisis P orridge, switchblade symphony, TRS 80, Download, cevin key, edward ka spell ( legendary pink dots), PIG, pigface, diet of worms, godgoddess, Penal colony, throBING GRisTle, grimfairies, two witches, Meg lee chin, OHGR, sorry if you havent heard of these musicians, you should.. the corporate radio stations do not play any of this. I am working on lots of stuff and hope to sarurate the world with my creations. This past saturday I hung at ‘casablanca cofee house’. located near harrison st. on main st near VCU in richmond VA..My art is part of an event with several other local artists in the area, feauturing live hip hop entertainment from concice records on saturday nites from 10-2. …I hope to keep anyone informed that wants more info…..roman


3 thoughts on “ambidextrous roman”

  1. connected to the left eye spine nerve hemisphere eye hand associate movement but its different powerstance flow of energy /1 body

    logic as 2 you have a choice binary choice ie if and nor or goto rem ram rom

    eg if L or R = 1 then goto next logic binary and easy logic gates are


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