Cate Emily: Juggler Acrobat


6 thoughts on “Cate Emily: Juggler Acrobat”

  1. I’m hungarian.I’m a bit know english.Very Beautiful and skillful girl.I’m capoerist.And the music protect me from jessica star it is far better 🙂


  2. Hi to all,
    I am from India…This show was excellent..very skill ful and dedicated artist..
    everyone in this universe need to know how to protect their ageing…By keeping fit
    they can prevent ageing..Try to do some good exercises as the performer in this
    screen..HATS OFF TO HER..


  3. xis,

    You may think that you can contact Cate Emily through this blog. That is not possible, but if you want to contact her, try to get a hold of her through you tube, that is where this video is from originally.

    I juggle as well, but not as well as Cate. I do have email, but doubt you were trying to contact me.

    Thank You!


  4. That has got to be the coolest chick I’ve ever seen. That is also the best video I’ve ever seen. You people who did it have got great style. Major league props to you all.



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