Podcasts of Interest

Here are some Podcasts that I have found useful and thought that you might like to know about them, if you don’t already. If you know of any more good ones please to post them into the comments here.

I will continually update this list under the categories Podcasts and Research, both seperate categories here. When I get more time I will sumarize/review each one as well, not every one on each site, but the source in general and what I found interesting or helpful.

/Course webcasts
Welcome to the new webcast.berkeley/courses! New design features include recent webcast archives and live links right on the homepage, and archive listings that you can sort by date.

/Events webcasts
We’re also proud to launch webcast.berkeley/events – live and on-demand webcasts of prominent speakers that make their way through Cal.

Shrink Rap Radio
Are you interested in what makes people tick? Do you want to know what psychology has to say about the institutions and social issues of the day?

In the U.S., psychology has long been the most popular undergraduate major in college. Various therapists on TV and Radio have enjoyed huge popularity, as well. And, there is seemingly no end to the stream of self-help books that come out every year.

As a long time psychologist/professor/therapist/workshop-leader, my plan is to bring you weekly interviews with fascinating practitioners who work in and around the broad field of psychology.

Fundamental Shift
Bringing our awareness to some small things can bring a fundamental shift. A fundamental shift allows for a new way of being.

Integral Naked is the world’s first multimedia portal into Integral Consciousness, featuring hundreds of hours of audio and video conversations with today’s greatest thinkers, leaders, artists, and visionaries.

bioneers podcasts’s blog

Hard Light
There are actually two teachers: the outer and the inner teacher. The outer teacher is a guide and a coach preparing the student to make effective responses, and one who shows how to harmonize the inner and outer realities. The outer teacher prepares you for where the real teaching takes place-on the inner planes.


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