chocolate is good for you

At least it is if you stick to cocoa, or chocolate with little saturated fat. Cocoa has flavonoids — the same health-boosting substances found in tea, red wine and soy foods. Studies suggest the flavonoids may help protect against heart disease and stroke. They slow blood’s ability to clot, and reduce potential for arterial plaque. One problem: Most commercial chocolate is made with partially hydrogenated vegetable oils and cholesterol-raising trans fatty acids — not to mention all the sugar and calories! For an occasional treat, choose dark chocolate, or cocoa made with lowfat milk.


5 thoughts on “chocolate is good for you”

  1. I would just like to point out how on my browser, this
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    I use these pre-setup blog sites so that I can spen my
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    Thanks to wordpress for a lot of great free features…
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  3. Just wanted to say that I agree with your post. I also want to add that one documented way that flavonoids work is that they stimulate endothelial cells (cells lining the inside of blood vessels) to produce more of Nitric Oxide gas (which they produce naturally). This gas relaxes blood vessels and slows down platelet aggregation (clumping). Both are desirable physiological actions that help lower blood pressure and slow down blood clotting that plays a role in heart attacks and strokes in people with iscaemic heart disease.


  4. Ramy,

    Thanks for the added info. I have a friend who is a
    choclateer, he does some amazing magic with the stuff and
    is one reason I posted this. I hope to collect more info
    on chocolate and post it here.


  5. About the images, I changed skins or styles so that larger images will show up since they don’t work well when resized.
    Also, maybe this orignal, older style won’t have as many bugs as the one I was using.


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