How to make Weighted clubs and links to other things.

I’m kind of late to the Clubbell® craze. I decide to make one, and really liked it, so I made a few more. The basic design has been used and noted by many on the web. I don’t know the original source. For my fixed weight ones, I used plastic play bats. I got them for just under $2 each at Walmart I cut a circle in the top of the handle and added various products. I used a circle, after trying an X that several people used. I had trouble pouring threw the X. A complete circle was very easy to pour threw.

Filled with:

Flour 6 lbs

Rice 7 lbs

Flour and Silica sand 10 lbs

Silica sand also called handy sand pours very easy and is less messy than normal sand. I recommend it for all uses.

Sand 12 lbs

Cement 15 lbs

I used quick crete. Add some of it and some water until complete.

Cement and Lead 24 to 25 pounds

I used lead tire balance weights. I got 80 pound for $5 at a tire store.

All except the 6 and 12 are pictured above. The 6 and 12 are at work. I added athletic tape to the handle to decrease the slipperiness of the grip. I also duct taped the handle portions of the heavier ones. So far they are all holding up well. Time will tell if the cement is heavy enough for the 25 pounder. I think 25 is the outer limit for this design. Any more will require too much lead to get enough cement for strength.

It is possible to use Bally Total Fitness 1.5 pound ankle weights to make them adjustable. I am currently searching for a link for them. They are the stretchy ankle weights pictured above. I have used them with no modification, but plan to wrap a short length of extension cord around the far end of the club and duct tape it in place. It should insure the weight doesn’t slip off. Obviously, this won’t work for all exercises, as it increases the size of the club.

I tried to use some silica sand in a club and fill the remaining space with expanding foam. There was some unknown chemical reaction between the sand and silica, and I was left with a slurpy mess. Don’t try it!


For the larger and adjustable club, I used a solid 1″ steel rod. I used 1″ rubber hose for the handle. I first put goop on the pipe, in the handle area. I then put the hose on. That is easier said than done. I used a sledge hammer to pound it on! When I got it all on, I cut 1″ away and put a weight plate on it and pounded to final position. With the goop, the handle isn’t moving! I then put a weight collar on the handle end. I put a bolt in the hole I drilled, to insure it doesn’t come off. I then added tape to make a nice end to the club. I put another collar next to the handle. Then I added weight. I the above photo, it weighs 45 pounds. I then added two collars to the weight end and put a bolt in place to insure they don’t go flying! FYI 45 is very heavy!!


If you plan to compete or have the money, I highly recommend the real Clubbell® ‘s. They also have a free online magazine at and a forum here. Be sure to check out the video of Coach Sonnen’s 45lbs Bruiser Swipe.




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