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4 thoughts on “Genuine Fitness”

  1. You quote the “Warning” article from “In an era when information is freely available on the Internet copyrights don’t appear to carry the same weight they once had. But you should know the difference between right and wrong by now…” – yet did you even read it? Cause it seems you’re doing exactly what it warned against…


  2. Ralph,

    I sure did! Did you? Did you read the whole thing? Have you read through the other material to get a feeling of where they are coming from? Pretty punk rock, no?

    Also what money have I made from this information that I share with every one who reads this blog? How did you know that this was from the GymJones site? Probably because I site the source. I also link to my sources.

    Everyone so far who have contacted me and that I have shared info from their site, have all thanked me for spreading the word and leading people to their site. Nobody has contacted me upset about the traffic they get by my posting info from their site. If they do, I will be happy to remove the post they object to.

    Again, I suggest you really read the “Warning” article from GymJones in its entirety once again.


  3. I am not posting to thank you for “leading people” to our site or for spreading the word.

    I am not posting to praise you for graciously linking or citing the source of this material.

    I am posting to ask that you remove the material from your site.

    Had you inquired about posting and linking first, instead of presuming I’d be thrilled with your actions I might have agreed. Now I don’t.

    Mark Twight


  4. Mark,

    Good as done! I have removed all material and links to your site.
    My apologies if I have put you all out at all, You are the first to not want others to know about their site and what they are up to, but I can understand and respect your wishes.

    I really enjoy your site and your overall philosophy, I highly recommend it.

    Thanks for being out there,


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