Indian Club Swinging

The brutal Kettlebell and Indian Club hybrid that unites the best in “Old School” strength training with advances in new engineering technology.

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Watch American Catch Wrestling “Hooker” Karl Gotch teach Pancrase founding fathers Funaki and Suzuki how to swing the mace.
Mace work has been implemented by elite combat athletes for centuries. The MACEBELL is coming VERY soon to the iron game but quantities will be limited on the special edition Macebell. Be ready, email us to reserve your Macebell today!

If you love club swinging or Kettlebell work, you will LOVE the MACEBELL.


The Handbook of Authentic Indian Club Swinging

by Jake Shannon From:

The Handbook of Authentic Indian Club SwingingView Back Cover

Classic instructionals for the hard-core student of the Iron Game and Physical Culture; THIS TIME THE INDIAN CLUB IS BACK WITH A VENGEANCE! Dig into this comprehensive survey to discover the ways the old timers man-handled this brutal implement. Included are the classics: The Indian Club Exercise by Sim D. Kehoe, Indian Club Swinging by Frank E. Miller, and Indian Clubs by G.T.B. Cobbett and A.F. Jenkin. Also, a brief history of Indian Clubs and physical culture in India.


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