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When a large corporation lies to you, steals your money, stonewalls, lies some more, and burns up hours upon hours of your time, the FTC can be a great anger management tool.

AT&T Retirees & Their Spouses to Lose Their Group Health Plan

“On December 31, 2014 AT&T Medicare eligible retirees and their Medicare eligible spouses will lose their current group healthcare coverage under the AT&T Group Health Plan.”

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AT&T Cancels Retiree Health Plan

I am sharing, because if it is happening to us, it is likely happening to many more. Plus it seems incredibly unethical if not illegal.

My grandmother retired from AT&T while a member of Communications Workers of America (CWA), and where she started back when it was Mountain Bell. I am helping her to sort out what she needs to do regarding her health insurance contract she retired with from AT&T. I will share and update here as I find relevant info regarding this situation. If you find related materials that you would like to share, feel free to post in the comments.

Well, apparently AT&T is changing the retirement package so that retirees will be pushed out into a very limited health insurance exchange (AON) rather than brokering the insurance in house as they have all along. The red flags and questions for me arise when AT&T proposes making any kind of change that is drastically different to the contract my grandmother was a part of when she retired on December 15th 1990. I have looked into the issue and have found resources suggesting that this change is supposed to affect retirees after 1992.

As of now, I participated in an informational phone call with AON (the health insurance exchange working with AT&T) and neither they, nor AT&T Benefits know the cutoff date for this transition, or want to talk about it with us. They either stalled, or stated that this information is not available due to it not being what their department does. I will be happy to describe the phone call in more detail if you are interested.

Retiree Medical Insurance Information from CWA Local 3105 – District 3 states:
Capture CWA AON Info[sic]

Again, my grandmother retired December 15th, 1990.

This CWA Local 3105 – District 3 page shares this video:

I only disagree with the video on the point that seniors are being pushed off their retirement contracts due to the Affordable Care Act (a discussion for another post). In the video comments specific information on where to find info from the video is shared.

Regarding access to the Health Reimbursement Account (HRA) and obtaining a plan on the open market can be found in the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Updated September 24, 2014 on the AT&T-AON site:
Capture AON FAQ - HRA mkd
Capture AON FAQ - HRA 00
CWA local 1298 shares a useful summary here:

This news story alludes to some dishonest practices AT&T are resorting to in order to get out of contracts:

“I asked the girl, ‘Are you with AT&T? She says ‘No we’re with the Affordable Care system.’ So they’re trying to get people passed on to the Affordable Care system to get them off their records,” Shelton told us. – via 

An interesting microhistory of AON Hewitt starting way back in 1636:

That’s it for now. Like I say, if you have any info regarding this issue, or if you know who to contact for clarity on the issue, please share in the comments.

Theories of Development Playlist

Khan Academy’s Theories of Development Playlist

“Explore the ideas surrounding the concept of Self-Identity. Who are we? How do we develop our morals and patterns of learning? What influences our behaviors in social situations? Discover the importance of different phases of our life in our transformation into adulthood and old age.”


Theories of Personality Playlist

Theories of Personality Playlist from the Khan Academy 

“Ever wonder how our personalities came to be? Learn about the major theories of personality founded by famous psychologists throughout history. Whether you side with the biologists or behaviorists, or lie somewhere in the middle with the humanists, there’s something to be learned about our personality from each of these theories.”


Social Work Licensure Prep

If all goes according to plan, this blog will light up with a focus on materials relating to social work licensure prep. I am studying for my LMSW and will be sharing resources and information here. If you have any info on good resources please do share. It’s been a while since the blog got much attention so I will clean it up a bit as well (This will include tagging any related posts, past/present/future, with the LMSW Exam tag so it will be easy to find them). 

I will be focusing on New Mexico requirements, but most of the info isn’t state specific. There is a New Mexico LMSW Licensure Exam Study Group if you want to join in that way. And several other general and specific groups on facebook, as well as other resources that may be helpful. I will share the ones I find most helpful as I find them.


Happy Sailing!

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Dueling Car Corps

An interesting juxtaposition creating a needed response and message, car culture aside.

A: Cadillac made this gag/vomit worthy ad:

B: Ford had a pretty great response!

C: Who will step up to address the assumed need for cars, and inherent car culture of both ads? 




Expanded Medicaid to Restrict Psychiatric Medication?

Update: It is apparent that this is in fact still happening and expanding to more patients and more programs. That they have decided to expand this national dereliction of duty and institutionalized malpractice to Medicaid is born out by the concerns expressed in the New York Times article Plan to Limit Some Drugs in Medicare Is Criticized

Leaders of numerous patient advocacy groups said they were worried that patients could be harmed if the policy changed.

“The proposal undermines a key protection for some of the sickest, most vulnerable Medicare beneficiaries,” said Andrew Sperling, a lobbyist at the National Alliance on Mental Illness.

Under the proposal, Mr. Sperling said, a Medicare drug plan could have a list of preferred drugs with just two medications to treat schizophrenia. That is inadequate, he said, because antipsychotic drugs work in different ways in the body, and have different side effects. “You get much better outcomes when a doctor can work with patients to figure out which medications will work best for them,” he said.

As I had stated originally, I have been receiving disturbing reports regarding New Mexico Centennial Care’s disastrous roll out. I am prompted to share some of these issues due to a dire situation that appears to be a national Medicaid policy that I recently learned of. I have my own experiences with the so called “Medicaid Expansion” to share, but first the alarming situation of restricting psychiatric medications for those who need them.

Mental health has been in the national news a lot lately with all the mass shootings at schools and other public places. New Mexico made the list with the Berrendo Middle School shooting in Roswell. The nightly news is full of domestic violence, homicides, and other violent crimes. Perfect timing for restricting psychiatric medications. Since my original write up, New Mexico has received national attention for the “U.S. Department of Justice finding that the Albuquerque Police Department engages in a pattern or practice of excessive force in violation of the Fourth Amendment of the United States Constitution.” –

Encounters between Albuquerque police officers and persons with mental illness and in crisis too frequently result in a use of force or a higher level of force than necessary. The DOJ said the problems dealing with mental health is a failure of the entire community and needs to be addressed. –

What is so concerning in light of all this is that I am hearing direct patient reports that over the past month (January/February), a majority of psychiatric patients have been required to get a pre-authorization  in order to receive their medications. Many patients are going without medication as this process can sometimes take weeks. The entity that is reportedly enacting this practice is Presbyterian Health Plan, Inc. (see the Drugs Requiring Prior Authorization, and the What if my drug is not covered? pdfs, under the Prescription Drug Benefits section at that link. Those are the documents that are being used to restrict psychiatric medications from many New Mexicans in need).

Presbyterian Health Plan, Inc. has set up a system where insurance providers are effectively prescribing alternate medications to patients without seeing the patient or consulting with the patient’s physician. What is happening is that doctors are prescribing medications and if those are not on an approved list, the medicine is not covered and the patient is left to either take a medication that does not work for them and that their doctor has not prescribed, obtain the money for expensive medications on limited income, or go without.

This situation is based on eyewitness reports. Updates will be posted as they arise.

When is it ever a good idea to restrict psychiatric medication from patients in need?


Agave Health, Inc.

Expanding Health Coverage for Low Income Adults: The Medicaid Opportunity under the Affordable Care Act (ACA)

Koat News 

New Mexico Centennial Care

Plan to Limit Some Drugs in Medicare Is Criticized

Presbyterian Health Plan, Inc.


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